Foil The Fraudsters: Safeguarding Your Home

We have been alerted to suspicious activity at mainly in  apartment blocks. Criminal gangs are targeting mailboxes to attain post, personal information and potentially committing credit card fraud under residents’ names. What can you do? Please take extra care when giving people access into your buildings – if you don’t know/recognise them, do not grant…

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Minimalist Marvels: Embracing Simplicity in Interior Design

As of 2023, the market size of the interior design industry in the UK is estimated to be £1.5 billion. In a world filled with noise and clutter, there is something undeniably refreshing about the clean, uncluttered aesthetic of minimalist design. Embracing simplicity and functionality, minimalist interiors offer a serene and calming environment that allows…

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Town & Country Housing Chief Executive to step down

Important Update

After 13 years at the helm of Town & Country Housing (TCH) Bob Heapy, will be stepping down as Chief Executive on 6 April 2024. Colin Lissenden has been appointed TCH Managing Director. He has been with TCH for 24 years and has been Development and Property Director for the past 16 years. Commenting on…

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Love Living Homes hosts Community Day for pupils at Pegwell Bay View

Pegwell Bay View Cliffsend Ramsgate new homes shared ownership first time buyer property ladder community

Ellington Infant School pupils join the Love Living Homes team planting and gardening workshop at Pegwell Bay View development Children and teachers from Ellington Infant School joined the Love Living Homes team at its Pegwell Bay View development in Cliffsend, Kent, for a special planting and gardening workshop to highlight the importance of caring for…

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