Communal grounds maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

We will maintain the communal gardens and landscaped areas which belong to us. The cost of this is apportioned and you will pay a service charge for this subject to the clauses in your lease.

If you have a private garden, it is your responsibility to keep the garden neat and tidy.

Our Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance Service is carried out by our contractors and monitored by our Estate Contract Officers who carry out regular inspections of the estates to identify and monitor any issues.

We will only take care of trees that are in the communal areas. If they're not, then they remain your responsibility.

We do a planned programme of tree works based on a survey we carry out every three years. If the condition of a tree has changed since the previous survey was carried out, e.g. brought down in a storm, then you can report this to us. We will then re-survey the tree to see if more immediate works are required.

Hedges on communal land will be trimmed twice a year, usually in July/August (to avoid the bird nesting season) and then again in late autumn. The work will consist of trimming back that season’s growth on the sides and top of the hedge, to ensure they are left looking neat and tidy and do not encroach over public footpaths. All trimmings should be removed from site upon completion.

If you see any graffiti within your development, please let us know as soon as possible. We consider offensive graffiti to be a form of antisocial behaviour and will treat it very seriously.

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