Consent for alterations/ improvements to my home

Frequently Asked Questions

You can carry out minor non-structural alterations inside your home, for example decorating or a fitting wardrobe. However, you do need our permission for any larger alterations which will alter the structure of plumbing and electrics (for example installing a new kitchen or bathroom), refitting windows, loft extension etc.

You require consent from us so that we can check that the proposed alteration meets all necessary building regulations, and have no negative effect on the building’s plumbing, drainage and electrical systems etc. (e.g. communal heating). We will also need to ensure the proposed alterations do not negatively affect neighbouring properties in terms of damage, noise or the value of the property.

All building works must be carried out by competent professionals and we will require copies of all associated certificates (NICEIC, Gas, Building, FENSA).

Once we have received your request along with the relevant documentation, we may need to conduct further inspections or discuss your plans in detail with you. Please note it may take up to 28 days before a decision is made. Fees apply

Works must not start until you have received our decision in writing.

If you are a shared owner or a 100% leaseholder (you own the property outright) you can decorate your own home as you wish.

If you are intending to make any significant changes; please contact us for written permission. Significant changes constitute as any change to the structural integrity to the property i.e. a loft extension, kitchen redesign and refitting windows.

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