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Frequently Asked Questions

A building warranty is a comprehensive insurance policy that is provided by a developer to the owner/buyer. It offers peace of mind that the building has been constructed to a standard set by the warranty provider.

All of our new build properties have a 10 year building warranty.

For the first two years (from the date of legal completion) we will cover any physical damage or defect to your home caused by faulty workmanship or materials.

Between 3 – 10 years, either the NHBC or Premier will insure you against the full cost (subject to a minimum claim value) of putting right any physical damage to your home caused by a structural defect in any one of the specified parts of the building. Please check your Home User Guide to find out which warranty provider covers your home.

If you are within the first two years of ownership please contact us so that we can assess the claim.  

To find out more about your homes Warranty and make a claim after two years of ownership please visit NHBC, Premier or LABC.

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