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At many of our schemes car parking bays are provided for you and, sometimes, your visitors. They have been designed so that vehicles don’t block roads or damage grass verges or footpaths. Unless stated in your lease, you cannot reserve a specific parking space. The rules on allocated parking vary from scheme to scheme and we manage the parking differently for each scheme. If you are not sure about parking arrangements for your scheme, please refer to your lease or get in touch with us.

Inconsiderate parking can cause danger to other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. It can also block access for the emergency services. If inconsiderate parking damages landscaped areas the cost will be passed back in a service charge.

Please do not park heavy goods vehicles or caravans on your estate. This also applies to unroadworthy and untaxed vehicles. You should not carry out major vehicle repairs anywhere on the estate. Please refer to your lease if you are looking to park a commercial vehicle at the estate or contact us for further clarification.

Abandoned or untaxed vehicles may present a health and safety risk. Abandoned and scrap vehicles are an eyesore and we will work with local authorities and the police to remove them. If you see an abandoned vehicle on one of our estates, please let us know.

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