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If you live in a flat there is likely to be communal rubbish facilities. Please dispose of rubbish in suitable bags in the bins provided. Please never leave rubbish in other areas as the council will not remove this and it may also attract vermin.

Bulky items should not be left in the bin store and you must dispose of them yourself. Most Councils provide a free or low-cost collection service for unwanted household items such as fridges, mattress and wardrobes etc. Alternatively, you could offer them to a local furniture charity, on free sites like freecycle or dispose of them at your nearest recycling centre.

If you leave items in the bin store and we have to arrange for them to be removed, then the cost of this will increase your service charge. Dumping rubbish is classed as anti-social behavior. Legal action can be taken against anyone who does it. If you see anyone dumping rubbish please let us know, so that we can try to identify the person who left the rubbish and charge them for the cost of the removal. If we are unable to identify the person, we will add the cost of the removal to the service charge of all of the residents.

Please ensure you follow the guidance from your local authority regarding which items you can recycle.

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