Our Service Commitments
To You

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on our commitment in providing you with both high-quality homes, and a high-quality level of customer service.

Below outlines the standards we aim to deliver throughout your journey to your new home and long after you have moved in.


Answering your Queries

We will always endeavour to resolve your query at the first point of contact. If we can’t, we will set clear expectations on what the follow up will look like if your query is ongoing and needs additional support.

Once you have sent us an enquiry we will:

  •  Always send an acknowledgment of your initial query within 2 working days of receipt
  • Aim to answer all queries within 10 working days of when we have received them
  • Always communicate in clear and simple language, tailoring our communication to meet your preferences and any support needs
  • Clearly identify ourselves during all methods of contact

Buying or Renting a Home from us

We understand that everyone’s journey to their new home is different. That’s why our dedicated and friendly team, tailor our services to meet your needs, and ensure your experience of finding your dream home is a positive and happy one.

When buying or renting your new home from us we will always endeavour to:

  • Provide you with full details and clear information about your chosen home
  • Provide trained and knowledgeable staff to assist you in the buying/renting process
  • Be available to answer any questions you may have and will provide you with any relevant contact details
  • Assist you during the selection of Standard Choices and Optional Extras for your new home (if applicable)
  • Provide you with health and safety advice to minimise the risk of danger during construction and in the use of your new home after you move in
  • Provide you with reliable information about the 10-year Build Warranty, alongside any other warranties from other manufacturers from which you may benefit from
  • Keep you fully informed about the completion and occupation of your new home
  • Ensure that the functions and facilities of your home are demonstrated to you through user guides and manuals
  • Inform you about the after-sales service we provide, as set out in the Home user Guide. Our aim is to deal effectively and efficiently with both routine service matters and with any emergencies

Defects in New Build Homes

If you move into a brand-new property, or one that has been completely refurbished, repairs to your home may be covered by a guarantee. This guarantee lasts for 12 months and is known as the defects period. The defects period starts from the date we accepted the property from the builder, not from the date you moved in.

If any work is required to your home during the defects period, we will always:

  • Inform you if your property is under guarantee, and if so, inform you which builder will be responsible for completing the repairs
  • Ask the original builder to complete and resolve this for you as quickly as possible
  • The builder may want to repair small defects, such as plaster cracks, at the end of the defect period, or repair all affected homes at the same time, so we can’t offer you an appointment date when you contact us to report any defects - the builder will contact you direct to confirm the appointment details

See here for more information on what a defect is


Maintaining your Home

The repair and maintenance of your home is as important to us as it is to you. Your home should feel well-maintained and safe.


For Leasehold and Shared Owners homes we will:

  • If you bought a shared ownership home from 2021, your lease may include an initial repair period. See here for more information.
  • Provide and maintain communal areas such as hallways, lifts, and door entry systems to a high standard
  • Deliver a prompt and efficient communal repairs service
  • Provide a variety of ways to easily report a communal repair, including being able to request an emergency repair by phone at any time, every day of the year
  • Explain whether the repair work is our responsibility or yours
  • Consult you about any planned improvements which affect your home and give you clear timescales and costs for these planned works

Resolving any complaints

It is so important to us that we always give you the highest level of customer service possible. If you ever feel we’ve fallen short of this, please let us know. We’d love to work with you to put things right and we will always use these as learnings to help us shape and improve our services in the future.

Once you have sent us a complaint we will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint  within 2 working days of receipt
  • Aim to resolve all complaints within 10 working days from when we have received it
  • If in some instances where resolving your complaint might take longer, we will always agree a timescale with you to set expectations

Please note – service complaints are issues with the services we provide. A problem such as a dispute between neighbours is not considered a complaint.  For more information on our complaints procedure please click here.


We are committed to meeting these standards, and always welcome your feedback to help us monitor what we can do in the future to improve.