Understanding your Shared Ownership Rent


When buying a shared ownership property, you purchased between 10-75% of the market value, and pay a monthly rent on the rest of the share.

Rent Reviews

The Rent Review Date is set out in the ‘Summary of costs’ document and in your lease. Your rental amount can fluctuate as per the conditions of your lease.
If you are purchasing a new build, if a first sale completion occurs between 1st April and 31st December, the rent review start date is the following 1st April. Completions between 1st Jan to 31st March, rent review start will be the following 1st April. Example below:

Completion Date Rent Review Start Date 
April 2024 April 2025
May 2024 April 2025
June 2024 April 2025
July 2024 April 2025
August 2024 April 2025
September 2024 April 2025
October 2024 April 2025
November 2024 April 2025
December 2024 April 2025
January 2025 April 2026
February 2025 April 2026
March 2025 April 2026


If you are purchasing a resale property, it will increase in the following April, regardless of where you are in the sales process (e.g. this could be before you exchange contracts).

How much will it increase by?

Depending on the conditions of your lease, your rent will be reviewed by reference to either the Retail Price Index (RPI) plus half (0.5%) or the Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus (1%). The RPI or CPI calculations are taken from the Office of National Statistics September published calculations. This will be shown in the ‘Rent Review’ section in the ‘Summary of Costs’ document and in your lease.

Your landlord (Town and Country Housing) will notify you each year what this amount will be in February.

How can you reduce your rent?

When you can afford to, you can buy more shares of your home all the way up to 100% - this is known as staircasing. There are some associated costs with staircasing but overall, this can reduce your rental outgoings. In more detail, staircasing is the process of gradually increasing your ownership share in a shared ownership property.

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