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As a tenant, you are expected to occupy the property in a ‘tenant-like’ manner. It’s a slightly odd phrase but essentially means that you should do the things a normal householder should do.  This would include such things as:

  • Changing lightbulbs
  • Changing or testing batteries in smoke or carbon monoxide detectors
  • Not putting things down sinks that might lead them to block
  • Keeping the garden tidy if you have one
  • Regularly cleaning the property
  • Not allowing baths and showers to overflow

The landlord has a contractual responsibility to maintain the property in good working order and therefore most maintenance costs would be covered by them.  If, however, they are repairing damage that you have caused then you would reasonably be expected to cover the cost.  This would also apply to cost of any appointments they had made with you for a contractor to attend which you may not have kept.

If maintenance issues arise it’s your responsibility to let us know so that we can arrange a repair and take any reasonable action to limit any damage as a result.  For example, if there is a burst pipe, you should try and switch off the water to reduce any damage.

Emergency repairs are generally specific to power and water and most contractors that attend to these sort of problems (power failures, major leaks and flooding) will do the minimum overnight to stem the problem and then re-attend the next day when they will cause less disruption to other residents, be working in daylight,

To report an emergency hot water and heating issues, please call our contractor:

Swale Heating on 0800 011 3139

For all other enquiries please contact us here.

If you have an emergency you should also take what reasonable precautions you can to prevent any damage, including switching off electric or water supplies or trying to contact your neighbour if there is a leak coming from their property.

You should not try to undertake any repair works yourself, even if you are qualified to do so.  Some works may potentially cause you harm, cause additional damage to the property or possibly invalidate the property insurance.  If this happens, we could reasonably look to you to cover the cost of the damage.

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