Fallen in love with a Love Living Homes Property?
Fallen in love with a Love Living Homes Property?

How to reserve a plot

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We’re passionate about helping you move into your dream home. Providing a bespoke service, our friendly team will stay by your side and make it easy for you to make the move into our unique homes that are built to last.

We make the process of reserving your home simple and ask that you complete the following steps to (literally!) get your foot in the door.

Step 1

Take a look at our new developments and resales here.

If the properties have launched (i.e. say “reserve today” and are now taking reservations): complete the steps below. If all properties are reserved, complete the “register your interest” form on the dedicated developments page. Even if there no properties available, our sales team will be in touch for future releases or if a property becomes available.

If the properties are listed as coming soon: you can register your interest using the form on the dedicated developments page. Once the properties have been launched, then follow the steps below.

Step 2

Complete an affordability assessment.

You need to reach out to one of the financial advisors below who will assess your income and outgoings to make sure you can afford the payments for your new home purchase.
The financial advisers will also let you know the share (%) of the home that you can afford to buy.

Please reach out to one of the below to complete a financial assessment (you only need to reach out to one)

Mortgage Advice Bureau
The Mortgage People

Step 3

Complete our registration form.

The purpose of this form is to check all applicants meet the Shared Ownership schemes eligibility criteria. In order for us to fully assess your application and check your eligibility for Shared Ownership, please submit your registration form to start your home buying journey.

Please note that some developments have additional eligibility requirements. Speak to the sales team for more information.

LLH_reserve step 4
Step 4

Complete a nominations assessment
(if required)

Sometimes we will need additional information if a development has a nominations agreement. We will include additional forms if required in our launch mailer.

To ensure you receive our updates directly in your inbox (and not in the spam folder), kindly save buy@lovelivinghomes.co.uk as a trusted email address.

Marketing Properties and updating information Disclaimer

We start to market new developments up to 6 months before we expect to release to the market. This gives us an opportunity to build up a database and ensure buyers have time to register their interest.

During this time, we are also collating all the information we require to sell the homes, such as conveyance plans, specifications, technical information, leases, and contracts and all the legal information, without which we cannot sell the homes. We will update all our marketing outlets as more information becomes available, e.g., Nomination agreements.

Some homes may be subject to a nomination agreement which means they are offered initially to those with local connections. More information will be available when properties are released for reservation or updated before the release. In rare circumstances, nomination agreements can come into effect after we launch. In this event, we will contact actively interested buyers initially and the wider dataset following this if properties are not reserved.

Build programmes can vary and change so releases are not confirmed until 12 weeks before the houses are due to be build complete. Please note that  build completion dates are only estimated at the point of the release to the market.  All CGIs generated ahead of launch are subject to change depending on the build programme and availability.

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    We partner with estate agents to help us manage the sales and rent process of our properties.
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