Information for Homeowners

Whether you're a Shared Owner, a 100% leaseholder or freeholder (you own your home outright) this section is home to lots of useful information for you.

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If you're a tenant (you rent a property from us) please visit our information for tenants page here

Commonhold and Leaseholder Reform Act 2002

The right to manage your block  

The Commonhold and Leaseholder Reform Act 2002 gave leaseholders the right to manage the block of flats they live in.  For more information please go to the Town and Country website.

Useful Forms

 Intention to Sell Form

This form should be completed and returned when you have decided to proceed with selling your Shared Ownership property.

The Property Misdescriptions Act Form

This form is required to be completed and returned to us when you decide to sell your property. The Property Misdescriptions Act requires sellers to ensure that sales particulars are true and accurate and where appliances and/or services are listed, they are in working order.

Shared Ownership Application Form

This form should be completed in order to assess your eligibility to benefit from the Shared Ownership scheme.

Direct Debit Form

If you need to make a payment to us please complete this form and return back to us.

Refund Request Form

Should you require a refund from us, please complete this form and return back to us.

Authority to Discuss Form

Authority to discuss is where you can give a third party on-going permission to discuss your tenancy, lease or transfer with us. To authorise, please complete this form and return back to us.

Initial Repair Form

If you bought a Shared Ownership home during or since 2021, you may have an ‘initial repair period’ in the lease.  During the initial repair period, we are responsible for reimbursing the cost of some repairs. If you are legible, please complete this form to start your claim.

Transfer of Equity Application Form

Transfer of equity is the process of adding or removing someone from the title deeds of a property. If you would like to do this, please complete this form.

Request for Alterations Form

Before you carry out any alterations to your property you must complete a request for alterations form to request written permission.

Application for Voluntary Lease Extension Form

If you wish to extend your lease voluntarily, please complete our voluntary lease extension form.

Useful Guides

Your guide to selling your Shared Ownership property

If you are a shared owner, and are looking to sell your property – here’s a useful guide with everything you need to know.

Your guide to buying more shares in your Shared Ownership property

If you are an existing shared owner, and are looking to buy additional shares in your property (also known as staircasing) please take a look through our  helpful guide which easily explains the process step by step.

Your guide to buying a Shared Ownership resale property

If you're looking to buy a Shared Ownership property through the resale process, this guide will give you all the information you need to know.

Buying a resale property - next steps

Your 3 step process to buying your Resale Home

Your responsibilities as a Shared Owner

If you're a shared owner, this guide will give you information about maintenance, rent and service charges, and more.

Rent Increase Guide

As a Shared Owner, you pay a monthly rent on shares of your property that you do not own outright. This is reviewed every year. Before you purchase, make sure you are aware of the renewal date.

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