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In the weeks building up to your move, start by collecting any required boxes or packing items and begin to pack up those items which you will not need again until after the move.

A move is always the perfect opportunity for a clear-out so, if there are any items that will need disposing of, ensure you’ve left enough time to dispose of these. It is within our rights to charge you if you leave the property with overflowing bins. Plan any clear-outs around your local refuse collection days to maximise waste removal.

In most cases, we will also require you to get the property professionally cleaned just before you move out and will sometimes ask for proof (i.e. a receipt) to be provided on hand over. If you’d like us to recommend a cleaning company, please get in touch with us and we will happily do so. This is an important step, as when you move out, the cleanliness of the property will be assessed and if it doesn’t meet the necessary cleaning requirements (of which will be outlined within your tenancy agreement) the cost for a professional clean can be deducted from your deposit.

An inventory check-out will be conducted as part of the final inspection of the property, after which you will be expected to return the keys to the property (and any other communal keys).

When moving out, ensure that all items listed in the inventory are in their original position so that they are easily found and accounted for. The property should be returned in the same condition, allowing for reasonable wear and tear.

We advise that you always try to be at the check-out in should the person undertaking the check have any questions about the condition or is unable to find any items.

You will need to settle all final utility bills and put a mail forwarding service in place as you will no longer have access to collect post once you have vacated the property.

Once the property has been vacated, we are entitled to dispose of any items left uncollected at the property, so please ensure you pack up everything and double check before you leave for the final time.

At the end of your tenancy we will notify you of any potential deductions within 10 working days of you requesting the return of the deposit.

You will then be contacted by the Deposit Protection Scheme a third party agency, once we have notified them to release the deposit and provided that the tenancy has ended correctly and no deductions are made.

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