Waste Not, Flush Not: Let’s Keep the Pipes Happy!

Every day, our toilets dutifully whisk away waste, but not all substances are created equal in the eyes of our pipes. In our efforts to maintain the integrity and functionality of your plumbing systems, it is imperative that we remain mindful of what we allow to journey down our drains.

Only dispose of toilet paper down the toilet.

Items such as wipes (all kinds), sanitary items and nappies should never be disposed of in the toilet. This blocks the pipes and causes expensive call out costs, which can be passed on in your service charges.

What not to flush. toilet paper is ok, sanitary pads, nappies and facewipes belong in the bin.

We would also remind you to refrain from disposing of any fat and food waste down the sinks as this can have the same effect.

We thank you for your help in ensuring these blockages do not occur again. Southern Water has some useful guidance and information that explains this further.

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